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Sneak peek at the gameplay for the Zombie race:

Directly from Design Doc
##### 2.3 ZOMBIES! #####

//// 2.3.0 Zombie Basics ////

Zombies are the "omfg hoards of units" race of the game. Their units are cheap and quick
to produce, but die very quickly. They are essentially a pure-offensive race, as they
lack a solid base of operations.

Essentially, zombies are the corpses of other units. Brain eating, is, of course, a must.
Zombies can replenish their numbers after a battle by turning fallen units into zombies.
This can be done by any zombie unit, however, certain zombie units are more skilled at
refraining from eating the brains of the victim (which kills the victim, rendering it

Zombies have no buildings. They're always roaming, looking for more cadavers to consume.
They thus do not use resources like the other races, rather, their units are "trained"
solely by generating them from fallen units.

In order to allow the generation of zombies without the necessity of battle, they can
use graveyards around the map to spawn units. While all zombie units can make more
zombies, certain units are more adept, and can even build specific units (rather than
the unit coming back as a zombie form of what it used to be). Additionally, under
certain conditions, multiple bodies can be merged together to make extremely powerful

Defensively, the zombies are at a loss. Because they have no defined base, there is no
definite place to "retreat" to. Additionally, zombies en train de spawning minions are
very easy targets. To compensate, certain zombies will have the ability to dig makeshift
defensive structures/traps of sorts in the soft dug soil. Approach a zombie camp with
extreme caution.

Zombies are sensitive to the sun and will not fare well in combat during the day.

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