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After the past few days, how much work have I got done on the project? Well, probably virtually nothing. It's the end of school, and I'm cramming to get missed work in, study for finals, etc... but as of tomorrow, it's all over! I can finally devote hours and hours to the project. I'll be able to design a level in the span of just two days, and I'll finally be able to start work (my actual job) so I can start getting money for a new PC. I love the summer (just not my report-card).

So as for the project management, I'm still working things out. I think my sprite artist is hard at work on the main character, but it's alittle shady. He's been online every day since the last post, but enver responds to my messages. Today, I just sent the message "Are you there today", and within 30 seconds he had logged off. Oh, and I got a free composer! Yaaaay! And it's someone I know in real life (he's got sweet equipment), so he's going to do a live recording of your's truly for the main theme! Wheee! Of course I'll be paying royalties, but those other two guys want anywhere from between 100-1000 dollars per track. Thanks but no thanks.

So anyway, time to spend the last hours of my day of cramming finnishing my stuff up, and then it's time to get raw with this developement. Weeee!


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I love the summer (just not my report-card).

Same here. Didn't do to well this year.[crying]

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Ugh, I know how it is, man. Next year's my Junior year though, so if I turn bookworm and work my ass off just hard enough, I'm set.


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