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Action RPG

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Dragon Warrior

did some concept sketches on my 20min break at work on some attacks our lovely little scorpion could do. i just played some Tales of Symphonia, and their scorps spit poison or acid. probably not going to do that. depends on whether my 3 scorps are different enough or not. if any of them spit, it'll definitely be the rogue scorp, spitting attacks would probably be reserved for the toughest ones.

anyways, here's a scan:

ok, so i'm thinking i need a more rigorous method for getting this done. just stabbing at it isn't getting me anywhere very fast, i need to set all my goals down in something kinda hard (stone?) and figure out what 100% actually is. as with any project, there's gonna be room to move a bit, but i need to know exactly what has to be done.

lets start with the most encompassing sections first.

1. action
2. inventory

the initial startup, the game-select, and the exit stuff is all unimportant and can be investigated after the meat (above) is ready to roll.

now what do i have to do about each section?

1. action
>> 1. player
>> 2. monster
>> 3. effect
>> 4. npc
>> 5. events
2. subscreens
>> 1. inventory
>> 2. status
>> 3. spells
>> 4. merchants
>> 5. system

i'm really writing it up quick, i don't really know about where some things should go or whether we should have 'em at all or what. just stabbing in the dark. i'm going to work on a spec doc of sorts, so i can arrange everything eventually. so much to do.. :(
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