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Good day to you all!

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Yep yep yep, Ima in a real good mood today. http://digitalhobos.com/ is now up, atleast a coming soon page.

Ive also been considering entering this years 4elements contest, its alot more interesting this time i think and there are going to be alot of entries.

A few of my ideas included RTS/Fighting game, but I think everyone is going to do that, I wanted to gain alot for originality since my level of technology isnt that high, if I can create somthing fun, original and simple it will allow me to give it a good polish and maybe get some kudos points for luck :D

Ive been working on an idea, Im not going to let anything out because I dont want anyone stealing my ideas! not that any of you would ofcourse... the current problem with my idea though is a fun or gameplay aspect, ive alot of things to work out, then document it ofcourse, ive already decided on the engine (irrlicht) and networking library (raknet), probably fmod for sound.

Btw kudos points to the gdnet team for the really cool 4 elements!

- Asheh.
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I'd be interested to see what others come up with. You can make a farily wide range of games featuring the RPNZ combo

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