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Eah, heh, sounds like a cool title anyway. I'm still hard at work on my next release of C.F.L. It has my full attention at the moment, besides work that is. I can't wait to get this release finished so that I can move on too working on Phoenix and Myrrh, as that is the what I plan to use for the 4E comp. I've actually managed to stay focused longer then two days for a change, which is great. I know it will continue as well.

Within the next year I'd really like to start setting money a side to begin a more professional venture into the Independent Game Development world. It's something that I've wanted to do ever since I was a we lad. If anyone out there has any advice for an upstart, I'd love to hear it, if not that's cool too, as I might not listen to your advice anyway ;).

I guess not really much else to say, I'm cleaning up my code, finishing components, and cleaning up my text interfaces to look more like a game. I've also been thinkiing about adding more ascii art to my game, but I'm not really that great at it, and I don't know a lot of people who are still into it. If you or anyone you know out there has an interest in that sort of thing, and they'd be interested in submitting some art for a text game, please, let me know.
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There are plenty of graphic -> ascii art converters out there :). Just look on google.

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