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I've come to an understanding of why long-distance relationships suck. Communication can be infrequent, and the result is that nagging doubts about the strength of the relationship ("Maybe she's seeing someone else over there? Maybe she doesn't want to talk to me?") have more time to gestate and make themselves heard. Fighting those away depends on how secure a person you are and how much you trust your partner. If you aren't strong enough for it, the entire thing falls apart in your head, while your partner is blissfully unaware... you can even make things worse by making 'last-ditch attempts to save what we have' by attempting to contact them through every means available to you, and you come off as clingy and paranoid. (Not least because you're being it).

Of course, I'm not in a long-distance relationship. Because they suck.

However, it does give me a vague idea for a two-player cooperative game where you have to defend your Relationship from small, imp-like Doubts by smashing them with your head.
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heh, class idea... and where can i get some of what you've been smoking to come up with these ideas? [grin]

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I second that, I want what you're smoking [grin] ::
defend your Relationship from small, imp-like Doubts by smashing them with your head.

Seriously though, I always thought long-distance relationships were a bit of an odd thing. In a "classic" sense, if two people are together on a mental/love/whatever-the-word-is level, then being seperated by a large physical distance is obviously gonna at the very least strain things.


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Right, but I meant that it does more than just suck on an "I like this person and I don't get to see them very much" level. It builds on that and starts a feedback loop.

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