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[4E4] Ninja Unit Descriptions

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Basically each race has 5 buildings, 4 units, with the exception of the Zombies who are special.
From Design Doc

//// 2.2.2 Ninja Unit Descriptions ////

- Yakuza HQ -
Base of operations for Ninjas. Gold deposit point. Trains units.

- Dojo -
Trains Ninja units. Upgrades.

- Hideout -
Defensive structure. Very hard to spot, returns damage from attacking enemies. Can
train Thieves. Stealth upgrades.

- Watch Tower -
Defensive structure. Has long range of sight and attack. Ranged units can shoot out.

- Business Front -
Economic structure. Slowly earns gold, increases civilian stash production, and serves
as a deposit point for gold. Units can garrison here.

- Thief -
Basic Ninja unit. Weak at combat, but very quick. Primary resource gatherer - steals
gold from towns. Amount of gold stolen is percentage-based; can be upgraded to improve
economic speed. Can build structures.

- Rurouni -
Scout unit. Very hard to detect, but lacks strong offensive capabilities. Uses Kunai.

- Samurai -
Close-range offensive unit. Has a sword. Can sneak around, but is more easily detected
than other, more stealthy units. Very destructive, very fast.

- Kyudoka -
Long-range offensive unit. Uses a bow for short-range attacks, a dagger for close-range
attacks. A little more stealthy than a Samurai, and just as fast.

- Shinobi -
Essentially, _the_ ninja unit. Very hard to detect, and very deadly. Uses both Kunai for
short-range killings and shuriken for long range attacks. Can also sabotage buildings,
ships, and robot units, doing extreme amounts of damage (attack takes time to complete).
Can walk on water O___o

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Recommended Comments

Making Samurai into a "Ninja unit" makes the purist in me cry. Now, "Fallen Ronin" might work...

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I love how no one comments on the zombies, but the ninjas get tons of them. This just goes to show that ninjas > zombies.

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Ninja-pirates > Ninjas > Pirates > Zombies > Robots

About a month ago, my friend asked me which was better, ninja's or pirates (a long-raging geek debate)? So I combined the two. Problem solved! :-D

I like your design though. I'm not entering the constest because I'm already working on another game that I can't back out of, but good luck!

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Thanks! I've put a lot of thought into it, and gotten a lot of help from #gamedev. I'll do my best to actually get this game out at the highest level of quality I can achieve.


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