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Finished initial CImage

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Will F


Anyways, I cleaned up a couple things with my class to encapsulate SDL_Sufaces and made it available here. It's pretty ugly right now, and needs some cleaning up, which i'll get around to doing at some point in the future. It also needs some more functionality - but I thought i'd put it up in its current form in the event it might be useful to someone.

It's also got a small demo app showing how to use it and showing some of its features.

When I get it cleaned up maybe i'll put a post on the Alternative Libraries forum saying it exists and it's here - but then again SDL is so easy to use, most people probably don't need this.

It also has some pretty nasty programmer art.

Also it only has a Makefile, if you're not using linux or OS X (or have the gnu make tools installed) it'll be a but tougher to get running, but should work.
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Looks okay to me, and it's always nice to see someone providing a unix Makefile, especially on this site.

Some features I would like to see added are palette screwing and some rotation/scaling abilities (SDL_gfx?).

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I'm not sure how much work i'm going to put into it, as i'm mostly getting the hang of OpenGL right now. Mostly the 2D stuff i'm working on involves a roguelike that probably won't ever get finished, but serves as a proving ground for ideas - like a set of GUI classes and some pathfinding/AI routines.

But the demo app could definately use some work, as well as the comments and docs.

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