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[4E4] Best of the Best?

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In a recent debate in a place far far away, it was decided that..

Ninjas > Zombies > Pirates >Robots
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My game will have ninjas that can use magic scrolls. Not as awesome as ninja wizards, but it's close.

Beware, zombie, my
Shinobi with fire scrolls
Burns you to ashes.

Foolish pirate, you
And your ship will drown in a
Magic tidal wave.

Beep, clank, bang, robot.
It will not save your circuits.
Lightning scrolls shock you.

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Man, you're quick on the 4E4 uptake. Can't wait to see the final product already :)

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Oh. My. God. How is it possible for one person to be so wrong?

Pirates > Robots > Ninjas > Zombies.

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Did you not read the haiku? Pirates get their boats sunk by ninjas and their magic scrolls! Nothing can stand up to a prepared ninja!

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But a ninja-pirate controlling a fleet of ships has greater versatility, and thus can control more territory and inflict more damage by being able to traverse greater distances in shorter time.

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Okay, putting aside combinations of the 4 Greats, Ninjas are far superior to the remaining 3.

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Good, good. I'm happy there are non of those pro-pirate losers to proliferate the goodness that is this entry :)

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