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GTA San Andreas

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Welp, been playing San Andreas now for almost a week (got it the day it came out of course) and I still haven't even made it out of the first city, Los Santos. I think I have just one more mission left though before I can move on towards San Fierro. Wow, this game is a blast to play, and no surprise really, since I considered the last two GTA games to be the best evar. I find it funny how a lot of elements from True Crime: Streets of LA found there way into this new game, such as learning new fight moves at gyms and stuff. I found that they even have a billboard at Unity Station in Los Santos that says True Grime: Street Cleaners, and True Grime is in black and red just like the title of True Crime. Score one for Rockstar! [smile]

I've taken a few snapshots with my camera, here they are:

This guy was actually plastered to the side of my car. Seriously. He didn't slide off. It was great.

A shot of the small town of Palomino Creek out in the country

Taking the BF Injector out for a romp in the country side. Then I crashed it into a creek. Dammit!!

So yea, fun fun. K I gotta go play some more! Later
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In the second shot.. is it me or these trees are like 100 meters high ??

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San Andreas is a great game, my only complaint is that it might be a little too big for its own good.

I like those swipes games take at each other. I somewhat remember True Crime had a few GTA billboards, and Driv3r (I think that was the game) had "Tommy Vercetti" dolls with life jackets on to collect.

Though my favorite was in Duke Nukem 3D when you destroyed a huge billboard (IIRC) and the hole screen shakes for awhile, then Duke says "I ain't afraid of no Quake."

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Those graphics beat the PS2 version into a cocked hat.

Watch out for a mission called "Supply Lines" in San Fierro. It's not part of the story, luckily, because it's almost literally impossible it's so hard.

I finished the whole story mode without cheating, but not that mission. 40+ attempts and gave up.

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