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I was looking at a couple perl scripts today and have come to the conclusion that they are some form of black magic. I just don't get that language, sometimes it's like trying to understand code from an obsfucated C contest.

Maybe it's just me.

On a side note I picked up Core Techniques & Algorithms in Game Programming by Daniel Sanchez-Crespo Dalmau a few days ago. I'm a couple of hundred pages in and haven't really learnt anything I don't already know (though, some of the later chapters will definately be illuminating).

Anyways, my thoughts on the book are this: I wish I had had it roughly 5 years ago, it's a great overview of what you need to get started with game dev.
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Hey, welcome to the gang. Here's your traditional welcome ratings ++. Make sure you post as many screenshots as you can here!

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