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[4E4] Disclaimer

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Okay, well I was discussing stuff on #gamedev last night, and I started to draw flak about the complexity of my project (being an RTS and all). Here's the primary critisims:
Are you doing this alone?
You would be lucky to complete that in a year and a half.

Oh boy
Yeah, no chance in hell.

And so on. So, for further questions, I'm writing this disclaimer now to direct people to if this comes up again.

I, the undersigned Mushu, first and foremost understand that this is an extremely difficult project to attempt, and even without time restraints it would take a team of programmers YEARS to complete.

However, if I want to be an idiot and attempt to do something which I acknowledged, from the start, probably would break down half-way through, its my own time I'm wasting, not yours.

If for some reason I don't manage to finish it in time (pretty good chance of happening) I'll make it an opensource project (or something) and we all can finish it up. If I see that I've got the engine done, but don't have graphics (and there's a reasonable amount of time left) I'll probably look for a pixelworker to give me a hand.

So, uh, yeah. I'm no optimist, but this is something I've been wanting to make for a long time now. Just let me have a swing at it - if it gets done, great, if not, well, I get the experience of learning from my mistakes.

Questions? Feel free to comment.
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[...]Just let me have a swing at it[...]

No. I won't let you have a swing at it.

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Ok, it was the cupboards..

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Yeah, those cupboards are tricky bastards. Like the time they slipped vodka in my orange juice... tricksey hobbitsies.

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Personally, I think you're uber-crazah. Look at this:

It took me a lot of time to make this concept art. It's not even very good concept art. Imagine the trouble you'd go through for networking!

I probably shouldn't criticize, seeing as I'm planning to do too damn much myself.

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Find TANSTAAFL's old article about diamonds versus balls of mud (or crystals and goo-balls, he called them I think). If you're developing a ball of mud on a short schedule, get the "core" of the ball working completely, then start adding mud. Developing a ball of mud (which your game is), it's too easy to get caught up developing the mud first, then you're guaranteed not to have enough done.

Get the whole thing working as a core, then add mud.

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Yeah, I agree completely. I tried to stick to the bare minimum with content, but if time runs short I'll see what I can cut back.

In other news, I actually did start working on coding the core parts of the engine. Namely, a surface manager, which is just about done. (I got tired of writing "how" to code it, and decided to flesh out parts that are pretty well-laid out)

Next up is the basis for the maps and unit manager - a general object manager (pure virtual template class). Should be fun.

The only real time-related problem I forsee myself encountering is from the artwork. If (or when) I get to that point and see that it's moving too slowly, I can always pick up the talents of a pixel artist. Almost all of the single-player gameplay should definitely be worked out over the next 2 months, allowing me to dedicate the rest of the time for the multiplayer portions.

I <3 not having anything better to do with myself.

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