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Epoch Star version 0.54.01 on GDS

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I just put version 0.54.01 of Epoch Star out on GDS and my Web Site. I primariliy made artwork changes for this version. It is 20MB now... I believe the last version was 15 or so. I'm going to need to work to keep that lower.

Here's a link to my web site:
Epoch Star - Space RPG Adventure Game

and here's some new screen shots:

Space RPG

Space Adventure Game

Epoch Star - Space Game

I find myself having difficulty getting good action screen shots. Hitting alt-printscreen to capture some of the explosions and laser blasts and getting it to look right can be somewhat tricky.

I'm interested in some opinions on the new artwork.
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Your textures on that middle model are too complex, and it just looks like blurry tree bark. Your models are simple and small, so make the textures simple.

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It's kindof funny, because I felt similarly about the second model not quite looking the way I wanted it too. But I think the top model looks pretty good, and it uses a very similar texture. Perhaps I'll play with it a bit, but I tend to like textures that make the surface look more complex. I just don't think the middle model quite captures what I'm going for.


(at least you didn't compare it to food product this time)

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About your screenshot problem. Maybe you could implement som sort of timescale controller so that you can slow down time when you need to do things in short time. Might be too late to implement though. Something to think about when beginning the project.

Or you could implement a ScreenDump Range system so that when you press for example Ctrl-PrScr the game begins to dump screenshots into a folder continously until you press it again. Perhaps not every frame but more like at a given time interval, perhaps about every 50 ms. Then you would have some pictures to choose from.

Just some ideas.

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Actually those are pretty good ideas. I don't know that I'll implement anything like that in this game, but perhaps on my next project.


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