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Jornal Image Thinger

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You might have already seen this linked in the forums, but here it is again: Gamedev.net Journal Image Thinger. Pulls out the last few images posted to gamedev journals and displays them, alongside a link to the journal.

I don't do much PHP, so its probably pretty unoptimal. What it does is:
- Opens the index of all journals
- Finds the links to all journals (handily in most-recently-updated order)
- Opens each journal, finds and scans the contents of each journal entry
- Pulls out the first image link that looks suitable. Trys to ignore gamedev smilies and post icons.
- Splurges the results to your browser.

A brute-force takes quite a while, so its now restricted to only scanning the first few journals, and the first few entries in each. This cuts the time considerable, and as most people don't post images much it doesn't miss anything if you take a look every couple of days or so.

In other stuff, I've been making my little shooty thing more data-driven by pulling out config etc. info from xml files. Seems to be working nicely and dead easy to use as well. :)
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How does one implement such things like variable pathways based on choices in a conversation in an rpg using such a scripting system - which by the way, I must say is pretty innovative - where such links seem as if they would be relatively ambigious?

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