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Will F


Well a couple people have mentioned screenshots, so I figured why not? Though I do have some reservations as they aren't that pretty to look at right now.

This is a project using SDL that i'm working on - imaginatively called RPG. I don't plan on finishing it, it's mostly serving as a proving ground for some ideas and algorithms which will probably be used in a project for which i'm in the early design phase.

Here's the title screen:

Pretty boring stuff. The load game button works, but since i've yet to implement a save game feature (laziness mostly), it's only useful for loading handmade saves.

Here's a level:

Nothing too exciting -
The big black area on the right hand side of the screen that currently doesn't have anything in it, and that ugly texture at the bottom was something I threw together with the GIMP in a few minutes.

The buttons at the bottom (they're a bit fuzzy since I cranked up the jpg compression to get a smaller file size) bring up dialog boxes showing the player's stats or inventory. The graphics come from The RLTiles.
You can move around the level and it will scroll around.
You can currently pick up the potion and attack/kill the rat, but haven't made potions quaffable yet.
Also of note is that the tiles are layered, meaning more than one tile can occupy the same position - but I haven't done anything interesting with the layering yet.

The stairway leads to the next level:

Nothing new here.

I'm currently in the process of switching the rendering system over to OpenGL, and possibly going full out3D or at least isometric.

Very little is hard coded into the engine, everything is loaded from custom format text files. I'm currently thinking about turning the data files into XML instead and using TinyXml to parse them.

Other things on my list to do in the near future:
random level generation, pathfinding, finite state machines for the AI, the GUI needs a bunch of work.

I'm also looking into using Lua for some scripted NPC and monster behavior.

As for creating the screenshots, all it required was a call to SDL_SaveBMP() on the main window, and some work with The GIMP to change them into jpegs.
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Recommended Comments

I hadn't really thought about it, I wasn't planning on ever finishing it. But seeing that the judging isn't till november, i'll think about it. Zombies and ninjas would fit in the game pretty perfectly.

Biggest problem right now is that I don't have a compiler for windows - Since I'm using SDL, I'll look into mingw for cross compiling for windows from a linux environment. Anyone have any experience getting that to work?

I have access to a windows machine for testing, but the guy who owns it is kinda picky and doesn't want me to install a compiler on it (he's a good guy, but a bit weird about some things).

Guess that means i'll have to take the time to make the UI not look like crap.

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