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[4E4] Surface Manager Completed

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Yeah, nothing really big, but first screenie!

^ rendering from the Surface Manager. As you can see, the surfaces are indeed there. The render calls will not be done by it (as its essentially a container for the surfaces). I'll probably get the object manager base done tommorrowish.

The trees are probably representative of most of what the game artwork is going to be like. I can only do anime-ish kind of pixelwork... and I suck at animations.

(forgive the *.jpg compression artifacts, was too lazy to convert to a better image format)


I'm in a good mood now.
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Recommended Comments

I like it :).

And a quick question.. is the 5 dollars a month for GDNet+ worth it? I believe it is... just wanted to get a quick opinion before I order.

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Yeah, GDNET+ is awesome. You get FTP space, a journal, avatars, book discounts, and much more awesome stuff. Personally I pay annually, which comes out to around $3.30 US per month.

Pocket change [wink]

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I'm personally looking forward to the book discounts. I've been buying a ton of books lately, and these discounts would have really helped.

Thanks for the opinion :).

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Why don't you make like a tree, and get the fuck out!
-- The Boondock Saints.

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