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Pathfinding v2.0

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I enjoyed a relaxing weekend. It was gorgeous here on Lookout Mountain, GA. I went running and biking, and I'm finally starting to tan (well, not really, but I like to tell myself that).

Anyway, I didn't feel like thinking too hard this weekend, so I had some more fun with the pathfinding genetic algorithm. I swear sometime I'll get into neural networks. My path now has the option of eating through walls. If it hits a block 50 times, it breaks through it. It's cool to set the whole map to be blocks, and watch it eat through like a mole to the end. Very pointless, but what's the world without pointless programs?

Eat your heart out

Download (600k)

Again, sorry about the size, I initially was using this program to test my framework and a couple other things, so there some stuff builtin that it doesn't really use or show.
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