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Triple Fudge

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Well I've nearly gotten level 2 done :( At this rate I should be finish sometime next millennium. I started a huge project when I had ass-loads of time, but now I have none. The project is cancelled.

Also I might enter the 4 elements contest although I have no idea what to make. It will definitely have Pirates and Robots because they're the coolest. Never really liked ninjas. Zombies shouldn't even be part of the four. They have no real character and are almost always just an enemy to mow down.

Space Aliens > Zombies
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Remember that it only really needs to have two elements in there. Got any screenshots of level 2?

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If I had screenshots I would post them. I actually deleted level 2 because I didn't really like it and it didn't matter because the project was DOOMED.

So far no ninjas have tried to kill me today. However they will most likely strike at night.

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