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Tell me I didn't just pwnz0r my dude right here (I'm Spitfire):

Spitfire1314: so, what EXACTLY did Myla say about Saturday?
The Broken Light: Nothing, really.
The Broken Light: At all.
The Broken Light: What actually happened?
Spitfire1314: that's between you and Myla
Spitfire1314: I don't like getting in other couple's shit
The Broken Light: What?
Spitfire1314: nothing
The Broken Light: Tell me.
Spitfire1314: tell you what?
The Broken Light: What you did with Myla.
The Broken Light: Did you watch a movie?
The Broken Light: Did you have lunch?
The Broken Light: What?
Spitfire1314: you know, hung around...
The Broken Light: Ok, nothing scandalous.
Spitfire1314: wel...
Spitfire1314: like I said
Spitfire1314: between you and your girlfriend
The Broken Light: What do you mean by that?
Spitfire1314: hey, if she want's to keep her silence, I respect that
The Broken Light: ...
The Broken Light: Tell me what you did?
The Broken Light: !
The Broken Light: *
Spitfire1314: nothing you wouldn't do
The Broken Light: Tell me.
Spitfire1314: there's nothing to say
The Broken Light: You touched her.
The Broken Light: Where did you touch her?
Spitfire1314: after all, no secrets between you and Myla, right?
The Broken Light: ... I hope.
Spitfire1314: alright then
Spitfire1314: so you have nothing to worry about
The Broken Light: Ok.
Spitfire1314: did she really not say anything?
Spitfire1314: or did she say nothing happened?
Spitfire1314: ...?
The Broken Light: She said nothing.
Spitfire1314: k then
Spitfire1314: No dude,
Spitfire1314: I'm SO FUCKING WITH YOU
Spitfire1314: did I get your heart racing?
Spitfire1314: PLEASE tell me I got you with that one
Spitfire1314: yo, you still there, dude?
The Broken Light: Yeah, I'm here.
Spitfire1314: and?
Spitfire1314: did I get you?
Spitfire1314: c'mon, heart skip a beat, hyperventilating? give me something to work with
The Broken Light: Nope.
Spitfire1314: lying bitch, you know you were scared as hell
Spitfire1314: you thought I was shedding my sweet love all over your girlfriend, didn't you!
Spitfire1314: Hahaha! PWDed!

So anyway, working hard on the project, but it's late and I don't have time to talk about it now. Must get up tomorrow morning for finals.

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Wow. Developer Journals are getting more and more like Livejournal every day.

In other news, 'your dude' has trust issues with his girlfriend. Can I have my 32 seconds back now?

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