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Is OpenGL worth it?

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OpenGL is no longer my first choice for graphics development. I am switching to DirectX for my primary renderer. OpenGL is just a little too sloppy; it needs to get things together and Windows needs to support more than just version 1.1. I used DirectX 8.1 and I look forward to learning all that 9 has to offer.

This may be a prelude to a switch to C# as well. We'll see about that, but I'm just trying to find tools that will help me develop quickly.

The thing that pushed me over the edge was render targets. I remember DirectX having a very nice render target mechanism, while OpenGL's is so sloppy until the frame buffer object is natively supported.

And I don't really care about cross-platform. Mac and unix are cool. but I don't need to target them right now.

ok, fine, lets compare girls. Thank you google image search

"OpenGL girl", and in fact the only one

"DirectX girl"

I think I'll go for DirectX.
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C# is simply amazing. You can accomplish pretty much exactly what you can in C++, in less the time and confusion. Right now I'm working on a game with Cibressus using C#, SDL.NET and Lua and it's been great so far.

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That's great to hear! I think. I almost want to switch, but I already have a framework built on C++ and I'm in so deep with it. Not to mention having to learn a whole new language, though I am familiar with the .NET framework.

But I also don't want to continue using C++ out of a blind belief that it's the best language for all gaming purposes and nothing can come close to its performance.

Speaking of which, how has it been performance-wise? Be honest!

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That's a relatively awesome way to definitively answer the DirectX vs OpenGL question.

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Yeah, but DirectX girl could satisfy all of my other pleasures [grin]

Thanks superpig, I think it's a pretty non-biased way of solving it.

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