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Well well well
Looks like I managed to stir up some shit last time.

First of all, I would like to mention that there's nothing wrong with the image of a screaming lard of human dough going around in circles in mid air and spraying blood on the walls.

So last night Toolmaker was making fun of this guy he was talking to on MSN. This guy is from Sweden, and I forgot his name, but I hope you don't mind me calling you Mr. Asshat.

So Mr. Asshat was going all psycho on my journal entry (which was supposed to induce psych episodes) as expected, and he started typing some random non-sense on messenger to Toolmaker. Most of it was consisted of horrible grammar errors (the ones where you have to completely change every single word in the sentence and completely re-arrange them) and very common spelling mistakes that he would refuse to fix even after being told several times (for example: saying 'idiiot' all the time)

Long story short, or maybe short story long, Mr. Asshat has opened my eyes with his mindless illogical ramblings and his pathetic attempts on being a cyber bad-ass.
He claimed that "anyone is entitled to post anything they want on the lounge" (after fixing all his grammatical errors) which is clearly wrong due to the fact that there are forum rules and all that, but regardless, I supposed he meant "I'm allowed to talk about having wet dreams about my slut Swedish grandmother on the lounge" or maybe he just meant other people talking about their pathetic girl problems, who cares.
Well, Mr. Asshat, I am entitled to post anything I want in my journal (as long as it doesn't contains explicit material) and I also feel free to call you a cockface in here. I post whatever I think is going on in the lounge; you don't like it? Go jump off the planet.

Also I heard that another pathetic loser "friend" of yours is "learning" you how to make hacks for the games. First of all, they're teaching you, not "learning" you, cockface. Secondly, it's not called "hacking," that's known as "cracking" when you try to take advantage of a glitch in a game to show your inability to maintain an erection. Also, being a script kiddie by no means makes you an elite person, nor will it make me insult you less, cockface.
Thirdly, it appears to me that your skull is trying to turn itseld inside out. I recommend taking some cyanide for the effect.

Oh I love doing this [grin]
I hope you enjoyed another one of my random commentaries.
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It was me talking with Toolmaker on MSN :(

I will be hacking GDNET to pieces yesterday, 2007, and swap the 'G' with the 'D' in the logo image, resulting in "DameGev.net"


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Although I do agree with you that you can say whatever you want in your journal, I would appreciate it if you kept the language mature. There are kids coming here, and they don't need to read that kind of language on the internet.

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I suggest you go with game-related expletives.

For example. . .

"What in the name of Uwe Boll is going on here?"

"Ugh, who left a daikatana floating in the toilet?"

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Funny entry ^_^. On the note of game hacking though, the real, original, "good" hacks (client hooks, OpenGL / DirectX hooks, the ones not made from a public base) actually take quite a bit of programming knowledge and experience. It's not some 12 year old (script kiddie) kid making most of these hacks, it's people who work in software engineering as a career, and intelligent individuals. I know it sounds odd, but it's true.

Anyways, I do hope these become more frequent (your posts that is).

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After he read this journal entry(To which I politely linked him), he got mad as hell at me, and blocked me on MSN.

For those interested in the dramatic end of this MSN contact:

[18:51:00] Toolmaker: Lol, althouogh it's not 100% true:
[18:52:20] Toolmaker: rofl, see how's perfect in insulting people?
[18:53:28] Chrîlle: hes an idiot
[18:53:32] Chrîlle: and did u make fun of me ?
[18:53:34] Chrîlle: ...
[18:53:35] Toolmaker: I didn't
[18:53:39] Chrîlle: it says so..
[18:53:45] Chrîlle: sigh tool
[18:53:46] Toolmaker: he's trying to stirr up more shit
[18:54:12] Toolmaker: I pasted some things from my MSN logs, but
that's not making fun off :P
[18:54:20] Chrîlle: ....
[18:54:30] Chrîlle: just because my english arent that good
[18:54:41] Chrîlle: after I gave u maple things
[18:54:58] Chrîlle: bye...
[18:55:04] * Chrîlle is nu Offline

That was the end of it. I'll post something in my own blog now, check here: http://www.toolmaker.nl/journal.php?entry=47

Or just my blog in general

EDIT: He's so mad he rated both Pouya and me down...


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The next Maddox is born.

EDIT: He's so mad he rated both Pouya and me down...
So the rating system does do justice!

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