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[4E4] Random-tiled Maps

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Well, looks like my maps are working. Still need to write a map loader for them, though. I also found some other old tree sprites, so I threw them in there too.

There's a problem right now drawing the surfaces to the screen: its giving me a horrid framerate (~50 fps). I'm pretty sure I'm not converting the surfaces to the same format as the main screen surface, so SDL does it every pass. Which is a "NOES!"

Back to work.
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I'm too lazy to convert them. Oh, and I rewrote the surface loading code; now it converts the surface format to the native format, and forces them into hardware memory. Rendering a map screen and 100+ objects gives me 70 fps. Sweeeet.

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Is that 70fps capped at the vertical refresh rate, because I'd expect you could do alot better.

Are you using the built in alpha blending? Software alpha is really slow.

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Looking pretty good Mushu. 2D games > *. This is not something that is open to discussion. [grin]

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Jesse: no, its not capped (sadly). SDL uses RLE (Run-Length Encoding) to optimize alpha functions, and I enable it wherever possible. In all honesty, it would probably be just as slow to manually do alpha operations since I'd be doing them on system RAM too :(

SDL wasn't really made for speed, rather, portability and ease of use. That said, I'm not expecting to have 100+ units on screen very often simply because the gameplay focuses a lot more on strategy than mass numbers*. But yeah, my final product target is 30+fps on my low-end machine. Considering all the loss of speed is caused by the inefficency of the gfx API, I'm not too worried about it.

I'll run a profiler on the code if things get really bogged down by something or another. Yay optimization.

VertexNormal: Yase! [grin]

* uhh... except for zombies. Zombies pretty much just hoarde rush you + eat your brains + hoarde rush next guy...

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Mushu, this is looking very nice. Really, I love it. Keep up the good work - I'd love to play your game someday [smile]

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Emphasis on the someday. Turns out I had to rewritefuktor all my file handling classes because they were coded like crap.

Right now I'm procrastinating on writing a parser for the map loader. Ugh, I hate parsing. And I've got a tummy ache :(

Its only 20h00. I'll probably get it done tonight ish.

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