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oh teh boredom. draw draw!

yeah i'm a paint program n00b and dont know enough about 'em to pass a class yet. but i can draws a little! (trying to draw glasses on the punk was a b1tch! no eyewear for you~)

[EDIT: wanted the (...) speech balloon originally, didn't want to fight anymore. i got it in now!]

[EDIT #2: fyi, stole the idea from MegaTokyo's capture the bear shirts. spawned from #gd chat..
3:31pm) <@muer> cut it out
3:31pm) * Mushu cuts it out
3:32pm) ph34r teh muer
3:33pm) ph34r teh cut3 mu3r
3:33pm) * SteelGolem spills some bullets at mu3r's feet and takes a pic
3:33pm) <@Superpig> hahaha
3:33pm) <@Superpig> muer-b4k4 :D
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the worst he can do is ban me from #gamedev. I might actually get some work done then (up until the point where I bounce off a proxy under a different name to get in) [grin]

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