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I'm not dead....yet

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Work is kicking my ass. Plain & simple. I really wish I could say I've tackled more coding, but when I get home, I can barely muster any motivation at all. It's sad, really. I guess part of it is that in the back of my head I know this is a *long* term project so if I hunker down and bang out a ton of functionality, I've still got miles to go :) I almost wonder if I'd be better off releasing smaller tools or demo's instead of a full-blown game. For example: I could tear out the code I've got written for console command binding and make it a .dll for folks to use. I've already cooked up an editor for it, which needs a bit of polishing. Basically, it allows you to setup CLI/Console commands, with modes & hints. When the command is executed with the correct number of parameters, it'll trigger your callback function. If there is any interest among anyone for something like that, please fire off a comment. Otherwise I might just sit down at the drawing board and come up with something so simple it's a day-or-two at most project to get me back in the swing of things.

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