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Just saw the E3 Advent Children trailor. Holy Christ! Most amazing CG movie I've ever seen. They changed the words to One Winged Angel though (you have to listen closely for it). So that's sweet...

So developement, that's why I'm here. Finishing up the last of finals, I only have one 2 hour test each morning for the rest of the week. I have one last level to design before I can start getting back to programming. God, I can't wait to play through the first few levels, hear the music, see the...

oh yeah, the art. Ugh, disasterous. I don't think anyone is going to pull through for me. There's one guy who might do some stuff for me, but I have yet to hear back from him, and I did email him almost two days ago. I might as well give up on the sprite guy. I havn't seen him online in a week, and talked to him in nine days. Looks like Bruckner's going to have to kick it up a notch whie I use temporary programmer art (I'm not that bad). I swear to god, though, nothing will stop me from getting this project done in time...

Oh, on a lighter note, music and sound. So I'm on the phone with my dude Yale and his girlfriend Myla, and he starts playing some remix or something. Me and her are like, "Yeah, sweet, whatever...". Turns out he did it himself. Apparently he has like five or six high-end Macs with top-of-the-line notation and composition software. So, both of us being avid musicians (cellists, to be percise), we're going to start working on putting together the track for the game as soon as I deem neccessary. Sweet!

So anyhow, more later. I want to have those levels done and ready to start programming by the weekend. I cannot wait to start programming again. Ugh, I'm like a junkie. Funny thing is, once I start, I'll probably write some buggy code, spend hours on a single error and get endlessly frustrated, and end up wanting to do it even more. Cannot wait...

More later.

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You're sprites are really nice from what I've seen.

By the way, I wrote a short scrolling platform game demo with protoman awhile ago in Allegro. I can send you the source code for it. The map loading stuff is probably not what you're going to be using, but the animation and player handling code is really good.

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