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We armored up and fought again, which was cool since we haven't done that in a while. Two people forgot their armor tho, which sucked. One of them challeneged me to a match and so I neglected to put on my helmet since it was hot out and since he didn't have any armor I wasn't going to swing big. I forgot tho that this guy has absolutely no control whatsoever. He had two swords and I had one - I had never fought against two swords, but it was easier than I thought it would be. After a while I finally landed a kill dead center in his chest, but a split second later he swung one of his swords into my head. Dumb schmuck. He knocked my glasses clean off, popped out a lense and left me with this little shiner

I had like five chances to smack him upside the head but you just don't do that unless your opponent is wearing a helmet. I should have known better - no control at all. But at least I killed him before he chopped off half my head, so I can't be too unhappy about it. I guess.

One of my buddies had his camera up on the balcony overlooking the floor taping, and he said he'll burn me a DVD or CD or whatever of the fights we had tonight, so you'll be able to see this for yourself, along with my best friend then beating the shit out of him in the next fight to avenge me [smile]

So yea, still playing San Andreas like nonstop. I'm in San Fierro now, haven't really played any of the missions there yet, so much other shit to do, like I had to fly home (cause driving takes like 15 god damn real time minutes at least to get from San Fierro to Los Santos) to see my girl Denise and take her out. Then I flew back and hit up the clothing stores and the martial arts gym, bought all the properties there too. I cheated a bit - went to the Off Track Betting and kept betting big on high odds and reloading the game until I won lots of money [evil]. I still have to get some new tats and maybe a new haircut I guess - tune up some of my cars... nah I guess the tune-ups can wait a bit... geeez so much shit to do!

Ah well better get back to it...
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I once got a bleeding wound much like the one in your picture. In fact, it happened because my glasses were somehow ripped off of my face (it happened in a much less macho situation: I lost my balance and did a header down a flight of stairs). This is why you should always know where your steel-plated head-towel is!

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Why the hell where you guys fighting with swords? And howcome you got hit in the head with a sword and your not dead? Where you LARPing or are you immortal?

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You should give yourself a permanent scar there, you'd be so hardcore. In other news, are you participating in 4E4? Or will you be one of the judges? I know you can't win it, but 4E4 has something in it for everyone.

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If he is judging, I'll try for some kudo points by adding glasses as a ninja-equippable accessory in my 4E4 RPG.

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Original post by Ainokea
Why the hell where you guys fighting with swords? And howcome you got hit in the head with a sword and your not dead? Where you LARPing or are you immortal?

Whoops, my bad. When I talk about swordfighting I don't mean real swords - we use bamboo training swords called shinais. They won't chop off any limbs, but they can leave small cuts and lots of welts and bruises

And no, I'm not participating in 4E4 and I'm not judging it either (currently anyways). I haven't done a lot of game dev stuff lately. After working every day for pretty much the entire month of May, I'm taking some time off to relax [smile]

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