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A warning would be nice

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class X { }

class M
M(X* x) {}

class Y
M m;
X* x;
Y(X* nx):
m(x) {}

The above code raises an exception when attempting to create a new class Y. The order of attributes is M, X*. In the constructor, x is initialised with nx, then m is initialised with the class attribute x.. this is not the case. Initialisation order is done in order of specification in code,

so the constructor actually executes like so:

Y(X* nx):
x(nx) {}

As specified in C++ standard.

VC++ 2003 does not give any warnings or errors during compilation about using attributes before they've been assigned a value, it'd be helpful if it did :(
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Just to clarify, are you compiling at the highest warning level (/W4)? I know on level 4 it will complain about using variables without initializing them.

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Thanks for that but unfortunately it still doesn't inform me that something will go horribly bad X(

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