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Taking to Wings 3D.

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Not that I have a problem with TrueSpace as a modeler. It just seems to take a little while to get a ship started. Wings 3D is a free modeler that was recomended to me a while back, and I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. For simpler things, it gets the job done pretty quickly.

Here's a ship model I threw together in about 2 minutes:

Space Adventrue Game

It still needs a little work, but it's a good start on a new ship model.
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Ayhe. A bit too symetrical, i'd say. But for a few minutes of work it's excellent. I wish i was a better modeler too.

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Ahhh John. It had been a few days since you mocked my art work. I missed you man [smile]. Yeah, the ship is not a finished product by any means, but I think it's a great start for 2 minutes of work. I figure an hour to touch up and an hour or two to texture and I'll have a nice looking ship. Wings wants to make thins semetrical in general, which I don't think is a bad thing, especially for ship modeling. It's a pretty basic little program, so it can't do a whole lot, but it's much faster than TrueSpace.

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