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Yay college! Boo alcohol!

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So, Monday I got confirmation about college. YAY!

Last night I almost died of alcohol poisoning. BOO!

I'm extremely excited about college, understandably, but am pretty shook up about my near death experience, also understandably.

Over 3/4 of a 40 ouncer is not a good idea. In any sense. At all. I mean, if I had been a seasoned drinker, yeah, no problem - but my third or fourth time getting drunk? [attention] I'm just glad to be alive - seriously.

Apparently some guy died of alcohol poisoning just two weeks ago in my area. The person who told me said "they probably didn't know that either" when I defended myself by saying "I had no idea it would effect me that much". I really have to start using my head more often - really.

That said, I shouldn't punish myself TOO much, and just be glad I'm safe and sound (relatively).

Also, I should be getting my new (custom built) computer soon enough! So that's, well, fantastic!

Here are the parts I have in mind:

  • Antec Sonata (CASE)
  • AMD Athlon 64 3500+ (CPU)
  • 1 GB of Mushkin Blue (RAM)
  • Seagate Baracuda 7200 RPM 120 GB 8 MB Cache SATA (HDD)
  • Sony Black 3.5" Floppy Drive (FDD)
  • Asus A8V-Deluxe (MOBO)
  • ATi Radeon X800 XL with 256 MB GDDR3 AGP Edition(VIDEO - Bought [grin])
  • Creative Labs Audigy 2 Value (SOUND - Bought [grin])
  • Cyber Acoustics 2.1 110 Watt speaker set (SPEAKERS - Bought [grin] - they aren't TRUE 2.1, but eh)
  • AOpen Keyboard (KEYBOARD - $8 CAD, can't go wrong since I hear it's quite durable)
  • Viewsonic Black 19" CRT (MONITOR - any model will do, really)
  • LG Black DVD+/-RW (DVD-BURNER)
  • OCZ Modstream 520W (PSU)

I believe that's everything, and it's quite the list!

Anyway, I'm off to lurk around, as I am incredibly sick still. [sad]

- Yosh Out.
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Welcome to the journals...

alcohol? meh, you only live once, live dangerously [grin] Glad you're ok though.

And a floppy drive? Do we still use those?

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Well, I'll probably be dual-booting Linux, so it's a good idea to have a floppy drive lying around. In fact, it's a good idea to have a floppy drive lying around reguardless - you know, just as a fale-safe.

EDIT - Well, not literally "lying around", but you get the drift. [wink]

EDIT2 - Oh yes, alcohol, right. Well, I'm going to be living a whole lot more dangerously in college[attention] [grin] However, throwing up oodles of blood (even coagulated blood) is not fun. [sad]

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How big are you? I generally purchase a 40oz for myself just so I can get drunk...

we are talking beer, right? you're making me nervous

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Beer? Hell no! I could down a 40 oz of beer without a sweat. This was 40% Captain Morgan Spiced rum - which is a lot for me, apparently.

Honestly, I don't want to drink that much anymore - not after that. Or at least limit myself quite a bit. That was just too damn close, in my opninion. I'll stick to my ... other ways of inebriation. [wink]

EDIT - I'm about 380 lbs roughly? Yeah, but I look about 250 lbs since I'm well, enormous. I'm only 6'6" but I have a pretty large bone structure, giant hands, moderately sized feet. Yeah, I need to work out so I can actually look formidable. [lol]

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Dude, you didnt take long integrating into the community at all. I feel like Ive known you for like forever!!!1 Welcome and welcoming rating++ as well. A tradition started by Rob Loach who will be making his way here soon.

Also, besides drinking [grin] whats your specialty? What will your journal be about?

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My journal will be used to vent anything I'm extremely angry about (not often), to tell about any near death experiences (hopefully not often), and to, most importantly, tell about my endeavours into the art field. I will be drawing more often, and as I hope to get a tablet soon, I'll be making regular updates with art!

Oh, I know, please hold back your screams of glee. [lol]

EDIT - Oh, and of course, thanks a bunch for the rating++; sir! I might as well do the same to you, as it is the only polite thing to do.

*goes around rating up the users who rated him up*

Scratch my back, I scratch yours. Capiche?

"Yeah, all except 'capiche'."

Later in the car ...


Ahh, Simpsons, how you make me laugh so. [lol]

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Awsome an artist! Would you happen to have some textured models of spacecraft and stations lying about somewhere, gathering dust? That would seriously make my week.

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Ah, sorry. [sad] I'm not much of a modeller, I'm more of a traditional artist: the concept type.

However, texture creation sounds interesting ...

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Thanks! Ah, you're all too kind. [grin]

Such a wonderful community. [smile]

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Thanks, Rob, you made me day a bit more bareable. [smile]

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