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Right, before we get started - Go buy this album.

Now, while you're waiting for it to be delivered consider this...

I was looking at my Personal Rating section in the control panel. Must be the first time I've looked at it in months. I was quite surprised to find that a substantial number of my scores seem to come from people on/around the starting-blocks.

Now this is interesting because people with around 1000 scores probably can't rate someone like me up by much more than a couple of points (at a guess!) due to the 500-odd difference.

The system works for me, and I'm quite content with mine (even if it has been bouncing all over the shop this week!) but I saw an idea a while back that I thought might work out quite well for other people...

If the forum software appended/inserted a message somewhere near the original post in the technical forums along the lines of: "If you found the answers in this thread useful/correct, remember to show your appreciation by giving the author a positive rating".

I think it's experts-exchange that has a similar concept of marking a "correct" reply...

I suppose the logic is that few forums have such a genius rating system that new members probably aren't gonna appreciate it's strengths initially..

So, anyone interested in a yay or nay on this one?
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I didn't fancy posting this in the forums as any post/thread mentioning "rating" seems to just get abused and sent OT [headshake]
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Mushu - don't scare me like that!! [looksaround]


So, a huge pig in the context of either or means what? abstained? [lol]


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