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Oh boy oh boy oh boy

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This one's gonna be REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD. Much better than the last two, and certainly better than the last one. It's gonna revive the whole series. It'll be really great, you'll see. Just wait and see. It's gonna ROCK!!


Because it's got this really really really cool car. It's sort of a cross between a Lamborghini and an Humvee. And it goes really fast and crashes through walls and stuff and it's just a really really cool car.

Man what a cool car. And it does all kinds of cool stuff.

Oh, and it's also got a REALLY COOL CAR!

And his suit does cool stuff too.

I don't care if this movie really is better than the previous ones. I'm not going to see it because it's being marketed to morons.
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It's gonna suck! But you can't tell my brother that. He about kicked my arss for say'n so. [smile]

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You know, for the entire first paragraph, I thought you were talking about your journal. I finally caught on when you started talking about the car and suit [lol].

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All I've really seen is the movie trailer that has a lot of far east stuff and a little bit batman including a brief flash of the car. I've also seen a post on aint it cool news that it's pretty good and survived the early production turmoil and top-heavy cast by having a good director.

I have to admit I'm out of it. Have the cast interviews/promotions been egregious or have I missed some other aspect of the campaign?

In short what are you talking about?

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The previous few Batmans have been real travesties. Batman Begins was excellent (imho). The car WAS pretty damn cool, actually =) But the car really was a minor part of the movie in all honesty. And they even made fun of themselves a bit in the movie when Batman was being chased by the police through town and a newscopter showed him on the news ala O.J. Simpson. I won't spoil it, but I will say that I was really really surprised. I didn't go in to the movie with good expectations, but I came out with my jaw on the ground.

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