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Taxes and maintenance cost

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In the real life, the buildings and labs deteriorate over time. Equipment gets broken, needs to be upgraded, replaced, etc.
Keeping a building in an usable shape, that takes money.
On BM, all the buildings except for player houses and the townhall require a maintenance fee, per month (ingame month, which is 1 real week).
If this fee is not paid for 3 months, the building becomes disabled. Once in the disabled state, you can't use it anymore, until you pay off the debt, but it takes less money to mentain it. 10 months of unpaid debt, and poof, the building is gone.
The player houses will be taxed by the mayor (he or she can set the city tax), and if the player doesn't pay for a certain period (to be determined) the house will become the property of the city.

The mayor will be able to pay the maintenance cost of the buildings as he or she sees fit. For example, in case there is a lack of funds, the mayor can pay only for the really used buildings, and pay for the others when there is some money available. Or just let them decay.
Today I wrote the function that checks every month for maintenance costs, and for buildings being disabled or destroyed.
Tomorrow I will start writting the City Secretary NPC.
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This was exactly what i wanted to ask ;) But will the players be able to found a completely new town from scratch? This could create vast amounts of towns everywhere, one town per player ;) Or the towns will be predefined by map designer and players can only build within the existing towns?

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I think he said earlier they could, but I'm not certain.
As for each player creating a town, it would be the same as guilds - you recieve a larger advantage for being in someone else's guild, than founding one on your own, so why create a town/guild if you'll be the only one in it?

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There will be only one town allowed/map, exactly to avoid players from creating 10k small towns.
Besides, there will be no way in hell a player could run a big town.
And to have a town, you will need 10 houses in that map, and one player can only have one house.

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But if there can be only one house/building per player what's the point on having Constriction skill? I build one building and that's it. You said, if i remember, that the higer constr.level the better buildings player can build. But if there's only one building per player allowed that would mean he has to demolish the old one and afterwards build the new one.. Am i missing something?

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You know, a city doesn't have only houses.
It also has all kind of other stuff, such as factories, teathres, storage facilities, etc.
Those will be built by one or more players, according to the mayor's instructions.

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