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un-draw night .. again

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err, i drawed agains~


but you guys didn't understand wtf was going on. so i did a quick bucket fill:

noogie (colored)

seeing what gabe was doing in his 'tutorial' wmv (found it on the forums over at penny-arcade), i tried to make a cleaner image. turned out pretty clean this time! i didn't think to just trace it on another layer. i could probably use yet more layers to color this beast even nicer, but the image wasn't worth doing any real work on.

just a quickie for Mysty! LOLLERSKATES
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Ever thought about starting your own comic strip? You know I'd read it, right? [grin]

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of course i have. the problem is that my life is pretty boring. the only other topic i'd have to make one about is video games -- and i'm just not on the up and up like most of you are. i suppose i could do one on retro games but then again, a good 60% of the viewers wouldn't get it. example: i could make a comic parodying The Last Ninja. who would get it? would YUO?

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