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Sir Sapo


Didn't get much done today, just a lot of sitting around. I did see Batman: Begins today, and it wasn't that bad of a movie, although the evil plot to destroy gotham really didn't make sense, but you can see the movie to see what I mean. Anyways, I did get some work done today, me and the artist got together and kinda synchronized what we were doing. It's sometimes hard to get what your vision is for a image over the phone, so hopefully we can get all of the single player game art done by the time I have finished tweaking the engine.

On the other hand, I'm still not sure what I'm going to do about our menu. Switching from menu program, to combat engine, then back to menu after the mission, then back to the combat engine again, reloading all the textures, it's getting really complicated, and I think I'll settle for a simpler menu inside the combat engine, and save myself the trouble of splicing those two together.

On the multiplayer front, things are coming along nicely. I have gotten to the point where my client is displaying the level, and you can fly your "plane" around (its just a untextured quad right now). I also was experimenting in a random level generator for the single player campaign. The levels in A20 are just a long horizontal array of 300 tiles. Each tile has a different texture ID and height, and some have special attributes such as the flak cannons, or the ship you land on. In my venture into random levels, I devised a way to have the generator make a suitable landing ship for your fighter, and to make sure you aren't close enough to a flak or sam site when you spawn, but something is still wrong. The levels just look too random, there's trees and easter island heads in the middle of two building, it's messy. I may just have to have the generator piece together premade portions of levels in a random fashion, but we'll see.

I really need to remake my level editor to write out multiplayer maps. The format is a little different from single player maps(lack of ground targets, less textures to choose from) and I have been making them by hand just to test out the client side of the multiplayer and it is pissing me off. In retrospect, if I had actually just sat down and made a new level editor, I probably would have written less then I have just making the maps by hand, oh well[grin].

I'm kinda sad right now, one of my best friends is a Russian exchange student and he return to the Motherland in a couple days, but the good news is that this summer I can probably go visit him in Moscow. The only problem is that the State Department might not let my dad go because he knows too much stuff (he flys against F-22s so I can see where their concern comes from). But I hope I can go, I really need to go somewhere cool this summer, last year I went to Mexico, which blows btw. Anyways , I took the Russian flying and he took some pretty cool pictures from the air, as you can see below. Well guys, until next time, and btw has anyone tried Angels 20 on their computer? If so , I'd like to know how it ran and what the load times were like.

Taxiing out.
Flying by the mountains

Right after takeoff

Me(left) and the Russian afterwards
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I have had it running on my machine at work (2.4GHz P4, 1GB RAM and a Gefroce 5600) load times are negligible but seem a lot longer when resetting from death rather than a clean restart, hope that helps.

On your random level generation, could you not introduce a ruleset based on the random tile your system chooses? E.g. if (tile X chosen) then next tile must be "one of these" rinse-repeat. Just a suggestion :-).


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Thanks for the system specs on that machine, mine is horrible for testing this stuff (Athlon 4000+ , GeForce 6800 GT, 1 GB RAM). I'm going to try your random method tomorrow, it's kinda like my prefab idea, but with a bit more randomness(?) to it, I hope it works better than my old method.

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Yeah, you've got the idea. The system knows that once it places one bit of say, ground, it should only consider THIS subset of ground tiles for the next one you position in your level and so on... :-)

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