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Designing Logos

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Man I feel like crap today. My shoulders hurt no matter which way I position them, my neck is sore, my throat is sore. Yeah, that's what you get when you get wasted beyond belief on a Tuesday night, my friends. Moral of the story? Don't do it.

Anyway, I'm still designing a damn logo for the Summer Funfest coming up soon. I really hope the latest design pleases my boss, or I'll be shitting bricks the size of my boss's ego - and let me tell you, his ego is ginormous.

Also, after scanning in the new logo design for the community itself, I realized that:
  • Pencil crayon was a very bad idea
  • Pencil crayon rubs off onto adjacent papers
  • If you leave a drawing too long, it likes to smear the pencil markings all over itself somehow
  • I'm going to have to draw it again

That said, I best do it soon. My boss is panicking because we have nothing to show for the six weeks I've been here. To be completely honest, I've only done what he asked me to do from the beginning: barely anything past "shit all".

Really, I have to stay an extra week (I think it's six days now, great) without pay because I missed a few days here and there. For the first three weeks of the job I was sick as a dog, thus the numerous days to pay back. They were nice enough not to take anything off my check, but let's be serious here, I would have much prefered it to say ... staying in this god awful place for another week.

Oh yes, there was also about two weeks in which I concentrated souly on completing my Grade 12 Academic English so that I could qualify for college. Bill, my boss, said that school comes first, and that they wouldn't make me pay the time back. However, he's "subtly" threatening me that, if I don't do what I'm assigned to do within the next two weeks or so, he'll make me work an extra two weeks. I'm not extremely happy about this, so basically I'm going to work my ass off (which he told me not to do at first, seriously) so that I get what needs to be done - DONE. Also, it'd be fantastalicious if I got a good recommendation from Bill, even though I strongly dislike him.

Now, you may ask "Double You Tee Eff, Yosh, there's no way he told you not to work at all!" Oh, but it's true, my friends. You see, at the beginning one of the many conversations went like so:

Me: "So, I'll have this brochure done in about two days then?"
Bill: *laugh* "Oh no, not that fast, we want you to have something to do!"

And of course, I thought that, until about five weeks later when he started to crap his ever loving pants.

Yeah, well, lots of work to do today.

I hope to do some of my OWN damn art eventually. *shakesfist*

Aaaand I hope to get a tablet soon, just a Graphire3, since I've been meaning to do a webcomic and, generally, a lot more art.

Anyway, later.

- Yosh Out.
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