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My goal for yesterday was two fold:

1. Try and set up some of the dreamcast development stuff.
2. Download NeoSwiff

Number 1 didn't turn out so well, but number 2 was a complete success.

Now let me start off by saying, setting up any development environment for a console is difficult and time consuming. I downloaded DCFreeDev, which is a version of Dev-C++ that allows for Dreamcast development. What I didn't know, is that it installs over your previous version of Dev-C++. In hindsight, this would be an obvious conclusion, but I didn't think it at the time. I didn't particulary mind it that much, because my old programs would still compile on it. It did piss me off that the icons for my source files changed, because the old ones looked really spiffy. Anyway, I soon realized that after setting this up, I had little or no idea what I was doing. After trying for an hour or two to get a program working, I decided that I wanted my old Dev-C++ back. I was in a rush to watch a show, so I pretty much just installed the new Dev-C++ over DCFreeDev. Now I have all my old stuff back, but with Console templates. Hmmm.

Then there was NeoSwiff. To be honest, I didn't think this was going to be that good when I heard about it. But now that I've looked at the examples, I love it. I was planning to do some work on on Stompy last night, but I just got so hooked playing around with this thing. My goal for this summer in terms of NeoSwiff, is to make a flash version of Breakoutz.
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Where did you find out about the Dream Cast development stuff? That sounds interesting.

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