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## Lazteroids 2, movement

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So me and a good friend of mine are each setting some short term goals on our projects. Hopefully to try to get us working a bit more actively on our projects, and these goals will have a sunday deadline.

My goal: I'd like to get my movement system working properly. I'd like for the ship to be able to go in the direction it's facing and for the velocity to work as it should (not just stopping when you let off the controls, but slowing to a stop). Sounds doable, provided World of Warcraft doesn't get in the way.

His goal: He's going to finish up his basic scene nodes, geometry and transform, and display. Hopefully get his camera class working too.

Hopefully these can get done. I feel that once I get past my current hurdle with the movement, I will work more on it. I've got a problem with trying to solve a problem. When I get to a hurdle, I freeze, and never work on it again. That sucks, I need to work on that.

And for those of you who play World of Warcraft, I am Lazareth on the Alleria server. Level 36 Night Elf Rogue.

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