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Climbing out of my hole for a bit

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Well, it's been a while since I did a real entry. I've been...busy.

Work is going reasonably well still. There were a few days last week when I was despairing that I would be able to do what was needed to finish the project - I didn't think the problems were solvable or at least implementable in time. But one of the major ones turned out to be a stupid bug on my part (though a very subtle one). Once that was solved, things got back on track and I'm now confident that the new Sim model and rendering system works as designed. Now I just have to work out the last few kinks and optimize the hell out of it. And after that, there's still a few projects on my task list as well.

It's going to be a busy month ahead still.

Despite being dead on my feet some days, I'm still having a great time. The work is very satisfying when I can wrangle the code into submission. Seeing a beautiful Sim on my screen for the first time was a moment I'll never forget =) Especially given how many "not so beautiful" Sims I'd seen before that =)

My new place is interesting. It's a small studio apartment in downtown San Carlos - about 3 miles from work. The walls, it seems, are pretty damn thin, and my upstairs neighbors like to move furniture around at 2 am. And loud conversations. And have noisy sex. They walk like a herd of elephants. The cars going by in the morning wake me up as well. So I've not been doing so good on sleep this week. I'm getting more used to the ambient car noise and the stomping upstairs I can deal with. But still, I need to somehow figure out how to soundproof the place a bit. I'm not there much, but when I am, I really need sleep.

Karen is coming down to visit this weekend and she's promised to drag me away from work to go shopping for the ten million little things I need. Things like soap, toilet paper, clock, nightstand, couch, microwave, toaster, dishes, silverware, cookware, etc. Somewhere in all that I'm looking forward to just seeing her and taking a couple days off.

Sometime soon, I need to find a gaming group around here. I miss gaming and need something to do when I'm not at work..so I'll have a reason to not be at work sometimes =) Some balance in life is a good thing =)

That's all for now. At some point I'll have time to write up more of the technical details of what I'm doing because it's some pretty neat stuff. Probably a post-mortem thing though, at this point. Ah well.
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Hey! 'Tis been a while. Looks like you're having fun, I cant believe you're working on something with so much exposure. But...

Stupid animal neighbors, you could put a cork or plywood type board with some foam between it and another layer of the wood, slightly different thickness between you and the noisiets area for sound proofing...

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I'm glad you're enjoying your work! SIMply amazing stuff I'm sure.

It's SIMply marvelous! =)

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you could put a cork or plywood type board with some foam between it and another layer of the wood, slightly different thickness between you and the noisiets area for sound proofing

Actually, I downloaded an mp3 of white noise and turned it on while I slept last night. Worked like a charm. I finally got a good night's sleep =)

But the cork and plywood idea's not bad either. Hmmm.

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