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Will F


Here's a screen of the dialog system.

I think I need to start working on making things a bit more aesthetically pleasing, rather than the underlying code.

I've also largely gotten the rendering code switched over to OpenGL, so I'll start doing some more interesting things - probably make the walls 3D objects first.

On an unrelated note I bought Quake 2 a few days ago and am a bit surprised to be enjoying it. I loved the old FPS games, Wolfenstein 3d, Doom, Duke Nukem 3d - but lost interest in the genre shortly after playing Quake 1. Then again, there aren't very many commercial quality games currently available for linux, so that might be making me like it a bit more.
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Nice, your stuff fills me with much nostaglia.

Thanks for the book recommends btw.

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I started out with the idea of a Nethack or Angband type of game with a few twists. I'm beginning to wonder if the switch over to OpenGL and making everything 3D (or at least look like it's isometric) is such a good idea. The nostalgic look of the game has started to grow on me.

Guess i'll decide when I get enough of the switch done to draw some conclusions. Though I suppose that if I kept it simple I could give the user the choice of 3D or old school in the options (i'll see how much more work that would require).

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That's pretty much what I thought. I've got a system that's somewhat working now where the same executable can do either opengl or 2D via SDL - but it would put some limits on what I could do with the game.

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