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Colin Jeanne


I have a storyline now. The game will be about a programmer who has been taught in the martial arts who will be searching his city for the parts of his stolen robot. The city will be infested with zombies because, well, what else are you going to fight? Pirates? Let's be realistic here, pirates dont attack people in urban settings at night.

The interface of the game will be set up like in Mario 3 or in Super Mario World where you have a top-down view of the world when you choose levels and a side view when you actually play the levels.
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That's a cool idea - you could have the character using pieces of the robot he recovers as an exoskeleton, enabling him to get into the deeper infested areas to retrieve more pieces.

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Good luck - what I was envisioning was the pieces of the robot basically being used as upgrades as you find them.

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I think I might do something along those lines. For example, at one part of the game you might find youself in a dead end unless you have found the robot's eyes in which case you can use infrared or whatever the robot uses to see a passage in the wall.

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