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Awmuhfuhguh it's FRIDAY!

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NOTE: Awmuhfuhguh = OMFG. Just for future reference.

Ah, I love Friday.

That said, I have a bit of work to do today, but as I just finished doing a few more sketches for logo ideas / no reason in particular so I'm taking a few minutes break anyway.

Yesterday I got lots done, actually. I drew up two new logo ideas for the Summer Funfest, redrew the main logo for the community (coloured with markers, turned out alright - luckily the boss doesn't want anything fancy, since markers != precise), fixed the fax machine AND got the redrawn logo scanned in / sized down to spec (however, I left a "master copy" in the original size, just in case). I even got another set of business cards done, so I'm pretty happy about the day overall (besides a few minor inconveniences).

What I wasn't happy about was an inexplicable panic attack. I haven't had a panic attack for well, a long time. This was surely a dent in my day. It actually started when I began reading about the Paul Bernardo trial (disturbing, I warn). Usually I'm pretty detached to this stuff, but for some reason, it really effected me yesterday. Oh well, I'm fine now - it was probably just the booze still running out of my system. [smile]

Anydangway, all I can say is TGIFF.

I'm going to try and draw something nice and snazzy this weekend and upload it for you all to marvel at (or point and laugh at, depending).

In other news, my CUSTOM BUILT PC (gasp) should have all of its parts ordered by next week I recon. I sure hope so, as there is a nice Father's Day Sale going on over at NCIX.

On a completely random note, what the hell is it with apples and their tendency for the fleshy left over bits to stick around in your mouth? *spits randomly*

Well, back to work.

- Yosh Out.
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