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I used to like writing stories, and even used to think I was good at it. hehe. This one is from 3 or 4 years ago.

Wars of Raizydon

The War of Races

The First war of Raizydon was fought amongst the satryns. It lasted for two satryn generations, which for me as a human is a mind numbingly large amount of time. Twenty thousand Years. In that war the whole world was changed forever. It was from that war the races came from. From the studying of my various findings I can describe that war.

The War of the Satryns began when Tiarcal - Xaril unrightfully took the throne of the emperor and began persecuting satryns at random. This propogated a civil war amongst the Satryns, fought between Xaril, his followers and the Rebels. In this war the Satryns developed a new type of magic that modified and stripped satryns of their ability to perform Higher Magic. It was a punishment devised by Xaril and Alnuin, a brilliant satryn and most loyal supporter of Xaril.

The first of the races created were the Elves. Elves were basically created as a means of punishment for caught rebels. Satryns were stripped of their ability to cast the higher magics and their frames decreased. Dark elves were created shortly after elves when Alnuin thought to use this means of punishment for the war. The embittered satryns/Dark Elves were molded and tortured to serve Xaril's every evil whim. They were then made into generals, their cunning and ruthlessness especially useful. The Dwarves came next, about 3,000 years after, and were a result of a combination war and humiliation effect. The dwarves were opposite of Satryns, short hairy and very strong. The dwarves made great warriors but their altruistic nature made them break away from Xaril's war effort after 2,000 years fighting for him, with the Elves, who also tired of the evil deeds forced upon them by Xaril. Angered, Xaril created a race of war loving giant satrynoids who would fight for any reason, to replace the dwarves. Like all the other races, they were stripped of their satryn heritage, but they also lost much wisdom and intellgence to make them better soldiers. They were named barbarians. Alnuin created a race to replace the Elves, a race of objective and incredibly brilliant beings. The Phaeinos Ancharan (Phaenians), were to help in devising new strategies, effective weapons and destructive alchemical potions.

The lesser races fought the wars while the satryns for the most part sat back, watched and directed. (One third of the Satryn populations were transformed, a good amount of them were failed experiments becoming various beasts and monsters. The numbers of Satryns were few due to their longevity as such their numbers were drastically decreased. It is my opinion that there were about 1,200,000 satryns alive on Raizydon when the war started). 3300 years after their creation, Phaenians with the help of Dark Elves discovered another way of performing the magical arts. Though it was not as potent as that of the satryns, it gave them an advantage over Lurinax's side. As the law of balance would have it, some Phaenians defected over to the side of the rebels and shared their discoveries with the rebels. The war went on another 2,000 years before Lurinax's side learned how to perform the Greater Polymorphic Magics. Dwarves volunteered to be altered to become master spies, to perform espionage and acquire the research of Alnuin. For throughout the war the rebels had been behind many steps. They created a race of dexterous slight and small and intelligent beings. Their feet were padded, tough and more silent than the most silent moccasins.

The war went on for many more years, it was a stalemate, until the ultimate beings were unleashed. Alnuin and Xaril along with many other satryns had worked on this spell since the time of the elves, after 13,000 years of work the spell was now completed. The Dragon. Dragons were known to Satryns and their power was respected, being slightly greater than that of the Satryns. The Dragons had for the most part, ignored the war the races had been fighting amongst themselves, only entering when the Satryns were able to summon and control them. Although the power of the transformed Dragons was somewhere between true Dragons and Satryns (a small gap indeed), they had the greater size strength and resistances of true dragons. Dragons were the most loyal of Xaril's followers, for they alone were allowed the satryn ability to keep their ability to cast the higher magic. The Dragons tipped the balance and many satryns on Lurinax's side, the rebels were killed. IT was then many satryns left Xaril to join the rebels, unfortunately, they also were killed by dragons. Eventually the dragons took no sides and killed all and anyone the felt like killing, caught up in their power as they were. They grew in arrogance. After 4500 years the number of satryns had decreased to a mere six century and the satryns began to worry about their existence. Many efforts were made to make elves and Phaenians back into satryns but these failed. The results were beings, which are now called humans. The dragons were finally, through a cooperative effort of all the races (including some true dragons) banished and Xaril sealed in the netherworld by the Phaenian, Varixule. The war of 20,000 years was over at last. The satryns left Lanil, and the dark elves and other evil races were exiled (see war of exiling). A period of time of about 12,500 passed by when all the races worked together and much progress was made and lost. It was then the races divided and the humans, the most dominant race due to their rush combined with their longevity, created the Vandrith Empire. The time system AE or After creation of Empire is the standard human and common date system. Many other races use AD, After Division.

The War of Exiling

This war was relatively short and should not truly be labeled such. After the end of the War of the Satryns, all the good races with aid of the remaining Satryns went on a campaign to cleanse the land of scourge created by the War. Many of the monstrous creatures were killed or sent into hiding. The Dark Elves were sought out and many of them killed; pressed by the constant persecution the Dark Elves were able to scry a continent and a way to it. Although some Dark Elves remainde The barbarians ran to the north and were left alone, being to dim to be a threat without direction.

The War of Division

After the Cleansing the Satryns helped the races (the Elves, Humans, Dwarves, Phaenians and Gnomlings) to rebuild civilization and showed them how to live together. After 2000 years the Satryns left to halt the dependency that was beginning to be formed on them. And so for 10,000 years the Good Races lived peacefully amongst themselves, occasionally fighting minor skirmishes with Dark Elves who . The races had always had differences and as time passed their ability to deal with them decreased and the races began to willfully segeregate themselves. Creating Elf Only, Human Only etc. communities. What started mainly as minor acts of terrorism escalated into a full war. Many technologies, relics and Magics were lost in that war as each race tried to take and hoard magiks they thought was rightfully theirs. There was much destruction and civilization entered a dark age. The war ended when each race went their separate ways staking certain areas of the continent as theirs.

The Vandrith Civil War

About 1500 years passed before the Current Empire the Vandrith Empire became a powerful force, uniting the various human factions under one rule. This empire was massive and existed some 300 years until it created an evil emperor. He killed anyone who opposed or disagreed with his rule. A repressing horrid rule began in which the social classes became polarized, the rich and the poor. A wizard thought to escape to the land which the Dark Elves ran to, he tracked residues of spells and was able to fathom the location. He escaped with many and often returned to help more escape, he also taught many wizards how to open portals to the place.

The Traetan War

The refugees were able to escape and all manner of races escaped to this land. Over the course of 700 years a comfortable living was created and a system of government. Some 200 years after the Dark Elves began an all out war to destroy the Treatan Kingdom. It was almost a success until the leader was killed.
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