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raytracer part 3

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so... I'm working on the camera. OH TEH JOY!!!

I finally have a camera working(?) that gives me the "near quad" (like the near plane, except it has boundaries) I need to start shooting rays, again. But somethings spooky, since the screens all black. Can't figure out why though, everything seems right :/

*3 hours later*

ok that seems to work now. But the sphere that's supposed to be in the middle is in the upper right corner *hmmm*

*5min later*

ok the camera's working! need to remove the color info from the material. Yeah I know, "wtf?". It helps me pass the assignment since we're given a list of materials (minus the color) and "pigments" (like: solid color gree, gradient red to blue, checkered white and black) and then each object (sphere, triangle, disc) has a material and a pigment index. So either I would have to create a materialDescription and then make a material by slamming the description and pigment together, one for each object. Or I could skip that, do it quick (each object has a material and pigment) and move on with the actual raytracing!

Here's a very interesting screenshot >_< the interesting part is that this is configured from file and matches the professors image, except that I have much simpler lighthing. Guess which one's mine :P

EDIT: oh godamnit! see the difference? somethings wrong with the camera.. crap! :(

EDIT2: ok fixed that! the reference image is in BGR while mine is RGB, I switched that in the renderer so the new pic is what you see. The "old" one (RGB) can be seen here
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