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4E4 Update

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I realised today that my simple buffered input system was't quite up to speed with what I needed. In order to get combos and hook up a Quake style console I needed the ability store sequenced input too. So now my system has evolved a little, I still have KeyState, MouseState and JoystickState systems for reading the devices, but they now have an overall InputManager class that stores a queue of events. The system can now be used for simple buffered input as well as an input event journal.

I'll be working on the Console class today.
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Awesome. I expect delivery in seven and a half years, as per our agreement.

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Consoles are fun! That's always been one of my favorite parts of coding games and such.

How do you plan on dealing with variables and such. In my most recent console class, I had it set up so each cvar in the console is linked to a real variable (using an AddCvar function).. Etc.

Anyways yeah. If you want to look over my old console class and see if there's anything majorly wrong with it (aside from the lack of templates and proprer OO), I'd appreciate it :).


Thanks :)

(I'm sorry, I feel like I just whored your journal :x lol)

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Heh, just kidding. Actually, my game runs off the back of a GameMonkey Script virtual machine, so my console 'commands' are actually lines of script that are sent back to the VM and executed. Anything such as 'CVars' are actually bound to the respective script interface and can be accessed with the console.

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