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Was trawling through some old ICQ logs... amidst the porn spam and russian mafia recruitment messages (the ones that got me to adopt my policy of "don't respond to 'hi'"), I found this gem:

Session Start (ICQ - 139762446:268602683): Mon May 10 13:13:53 2004
[13:13] 268602683: Hi
[13:14] Superpig: hi
[13:14] 268602683: I want to be your friend.
[13:14] Superpig: I see.
[13:14] Superpig: I want to go eat lunch.
[13:14] Superpig: bye.
Session Close (268602683): Mon May 10 13:14:42 2004

[16:42] 268602683: Wait you. [Offline Message (5/10/2004 [13:15])]

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A very similar thing happened to me a week or two ago. I just ignored him and he never came back.

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Ukrainians are always talking to me. I should have saved some of those logs.


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One of them tried to porn spam me and get me to look at a webcam of their friends, so I asked them if they did watersports.

Then she signed off.

I'm so very lonely.

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I have been ordered to intervene to stop evolutional flirting with ravuya. Please cease and desist. Thankyou

- Raven and the mob

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Actually, I just checked out that number when I came across the log - the profile claims to be 15yo Korean. Not that it make the slightest bit of difference [smile]

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