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LVL 3 Landlubbers!!

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The Following is a Mushu Real-Life Story(TM); I don't expect anyone to read it so just skip down to the comments and leave random crap like normal. Random posts will commence next week when I get back home.


So, my family has a 1969 Reveiller (16' speedboat) which we purchased about 9 months ago. After an overhaul of the electrical system (the previous owner was unaware that his voltage regulator, which is a subcomponent of the alternator, had gone bad, pretty much fried a lot of stuff. Thankfully most lof the damage was done to the ceramic resistor which is designed as an anti-stupid device. He also wired in a high-powered light directly into the charging circuit which probably fucked some stuff up, but that's another story)

Anyway, we like to go out tubing with our hot spiffy boat (didn't make any movies/pictures this time [sad]) and its pretty damn fun. We bought a 2-person float to be pulled at 30~40mph behind the boat (the box actually said not to exceed 25mph, but to hell with the box :)

So me and my brother are both being pulled behind the boat, and while you don't experience the backwards drag of the water (like another raft we have) when the boat turns you get slingshotted out past the wake, and then the raft starts to pull back inward while your own momentum is going the opposite direction. All this happens at 35mph. Its pretty fucking awesome.

It was really funny, though, when my legs got thrown off the edge of the raft and started to generate a shitload of drag. The last time it had happened inside the wake and I had managed to pull myself back on, but this time we were experiencing slingshot forces, and it was waaay too much. So, just as I let go, we hit another boats' wake and to be concise, I end up getting about 6' of air before slamming down into the water at high velocities. Sweeeeet.

Since we had two people on the raft, my sudden departure pretty much offset its balance, and almost instantly the raft flipped over, throwing my brother 4' into the air. Now you know why I wish we had pictures [grin]

It was bloody awesome. When we came back into the harbor, though, our steering line snagged (its getting caught on the ruddy excess of hanging electrical cables) and we sorta slammed into the dock. We installed extra bumpers around the boat, so no damage was done. It just adds to our reputation


Seriously. Its pretty funny. The hardcore people don't even flinch anymore when we ram things (and this time it wasn't even my fault LOL)

The Intermittent Swearing of My System
If you all missed my thread, my new laptop (YESSS!!! WINXP!!!) has a CD drive which squeals really loudly. People in the thread informed me that this is usually a sign of impending failure, so I went through Dell's troubleshooting stuff, and there it was
Abnormal noices include:
-Loud squealing or chirping

So I was like "oh shit" and emailed the tech support. Got my responce today:
Thank you for contacting Dell.

The noise of the CD screeching sound when reading from a disc at high speeds even no scratches have been observed on the discs are consider quite normal. However, if there is any problem in the normal function of the system then please do let me know for further assistance.

So right now I'm sorta happy that they say there's nothing wrong (bullshit) and sorta pissed that they probably won't replace it under my warrenty until it fails. Bastards.



Feel free to leave random comments. Random posts and 4E4 updates will return when I come back home. kthxbie.
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