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Prototype/Layout kinda night....

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So, I followed the tutorial on

to cook up this mockup of a main menu. Now I just need to do the mockup for the "Join Server" and "Options" screens so I can have something to transition to :)

Here is the "Join Server" prototype I came up with. Tomorrow I'll have to see if I can script up the UI using my GUI scripting language :)

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Did you create the GUI scripting language? Any examples of how it works?

Anyway, its lookin sweet.

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I shouldn't call it a GUI scripting language...I should just call it what it is...Lua :) The method to my madness is a lot like CrazyEddie's GUI system. Define your GUI in XML, then handle events in Lua functions, with the ability to call back into the application. Inside my engine I define C/C++ functions that the Lua functions can call directly to access pretty much all aspects of the engine.

When you define a control in XML, you specify the Lua Script/Function to handle events for that control. You also specify the control ID so you can reference it in Lua callbacks.
The game engine will fire off a call to the Lua funciton on the event being triggerd. The only thing passed into the Lua function is the ID of the control the event pertains to. Inside the Lua function you can then call back into the application using a control's ID to get/set properties.

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I started working on a gui/windowing system a couple weeks ago. I got to the point of creating windows and then ended up moving to another house.

Anyway, I was wondering if you used any tutorials in the writing of your system. That and if you could post an example of one of the lua functions your button triggers. I've been working with lua for a while and I'd be interested in seeing it.

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