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Engine Problems

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It seems that my engine has some problems clearing out dead objects. Particularly dead projectile weapons. I've created an Asteroids type game using the engine, but it crashes after about 5 minutes of play or so. Because the game is simpler, it's easier to locate where the problem is.
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Smart pointers, home boy ;)
I think Dungeon Siege had an issue with this sort of thing, except it was with pointers back to an object which died. Example, an arrow hosted its owner's pointer to give exp if it hit. However, what if the owner dies while its in the air? The owner gets deleted and the arrow now points to unusable memory. Crashx0r.

I hate those kinds of bugs. They really require a huge amount of forethought and good design.

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Yeah... It's a pain in the arse. I thought my resource manager had a good handle on the problem, but apparently not as good as I had hoped.

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