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Eternal Sunshine of The Village

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I am truely happy right now.

I know this isn't exactly art related, but bare with me, it's been a long and arduous week.

Basically, a friend came up today and, after much chatting and a bit of gaming, we watched The Village. Unfortunately I had a vague idea of what the ending was going to be about, but overall, I was quite happy. I wouldn't call it a "superb" or "excellent" movie, but it was definately different. I really liked it.

Then, after my friend left (his brother [also friend] came to pick him up early) I watched Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. Overall, a very, very good movie. It even helped me cope with past memories that I was just trying to forget. Therapudic, in a sense.

So, two good movies, a friend, and some great self therapy all in one day! How better can it get? [smile]

Yesterday, however, I was feeling like ass. I was hanging around with my cousin for a while, walking circles around town. Let's just say, I was practically bored to tears. His parents showed up at the Esso, so I covertly weaseled my way out of him staying up for the night, and left for home. I watched Hitch and 28 Days Later. Hitch made me depressed since I don't have a girlfriend (college [wink]), and 28 Days Later was pretty awesome UNTIL THE DISC DECIDED NOT TO BE READ! Get this: the disc was cracked. Literally cracked. I wasn't a happy customer, and I'm still disappointed, as I want to see the ending of the movie[attention][attention]

Anyway, I'm feeling pretty good now, pretty accomplished. I hope to get some art done (of my own) this week, and I'll be sure to post it! [smile] So, if anybody is reading this, that's something to look forward to. [grin]

Well, I'm off!

EDIT - Oh yes, I forgot to mention, The Village also decided "not to be read" about half way through. Me and my friend almost shat our pants in desperation, as it was during a critical part of the movie. Thankfully I just skipped ahead a scene and then "rewinded" it as far as I could. I'm pretty sure I just caught it in between scene transitions (well, a few seconds after), so I'm confident I didn't miss much. But really, a close call[attention]

EDIT2 - I thought "today" was Saturday by mistake. It's basically 1:15 AM Sunday morning right now - just to clear up any confusion.
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