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Ugh, I should not be writing this entry. It's 2:15 in the morning, I'm tired from level design, I need sleep, I have church at 9:30m (summer schedule), and then a day at the beach. The beach will probably be cold and cloudy. Just the way I love it. So yes, level design. I'm about to write the document that will cover the technical requirements of every file of what needs to be done in exactly the first 33.33333...% of the game (I have detailed in many other people's journals why I don't need fractions).

Since I'll be using stand-in programmer art for the initial implementation (or demo as I'll end up calling it, since it is only the first part of the game), I'll be able to test out all of the game's capabilities and features at a very early stage. My only issue is how to make challanging boss fights, but like every other pre-implementation idea, I have many theories floating around about great implementational devices in my code. This all makes me very happy.

School is also out. Excellent. More time for coding, making money (working at a law firm), and occasionally seeing friends who are soon going off to college (when I have the time). Ugh, being left behind by numerous older friends is a pain in the ass. But next year I'm going full out bookworm so I can get great grades Junior year (when it counts most), so I'm going to be concentrating less on having an engaging social life (spent too much time f***ing around these past two years). Got to see one such college friend to night when we went to see the new Batman. Great night, kick ass movie.

This was much longer then I wanted it to be. I need some sleep. It's funny, how I used to be ingnorant and use deadjournal (mainly as a social weapon, of course) and get gratification that like 6 people read it. Now I look at this, realize that I am writing things that I actually care about and value, and look at my views. Is it like 1,500 in the past... month? If if like, 100 of those were just me checking to see if I had any comments (and that's a stretch), there are still 1,400 reads out there, and I'm willing to bet atleast 25% read through any given entry. So as long as I'm getting that kind of recognition, I'm satisfied. I'm proud of my work in developement, especially for someone my age. But I musn't get too cocky before I finish my first project.

Damnit, am I still writing!? I need some sleep. Peace!

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Sigh...I miss living by the beach. Well enjoy it!

I know how you feel about the journal thing. My journal reached 5,500 views last night. about 200 of those are probably mine, so that is still alot.

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Yeah man, I'm a Junior next year too, and I know how you feel. I really gotta hunker down next year and get good grades if I want to go to the Air Force Academy (and I do).

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